I make paintings that are essentially bags or containers made of canvas that hold paint and history. I explore weight and volume in relationship to the fluid properties of paint. I have always experimented with the painting materials and process and think of paintings as physical forms.
Collapse and decay are present in the work, which is then mended with sewn and glued pieces of canvas. The mending is an important part of the process and establishes a life for each work. Over the years, I have attempted to reverse, invert or deconstruct certain aspects of making a painting while holding on to others as a means to find new directions and surfaces for paint to go.
The colors of the work are its personality, which also relate to its form. The colors I use are always monochromatic and are usually poured resulting in a flat smooth surface. The sculptural quality of the work helps me push painting’s constructs, picture plane, composition and illusion.  


Born 1965, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY