​ Algae and Rhinestone Drawings

Red orange ink is used in these drawings to represent Earth’s energy and create a fluid feel along with the composed algae on the paper. An electric green line is woven and placed throughout the piece relating and reacting to the movement and direction of the drawing.  When displayed in a dimly lit room the green line creates depth.

Rhinestones of multiple colors are glued to the paper sparkling when looked at from different angles. The rhinestone’s sparkle is a metaphor for a star’s energy and is placed in relationship to the dried algae on the paper.

Algae Lava drawings with Electric Green Line

2016  Algae Series (Works on Paper)

Orange and Yellow Circle Algae Drawings

Detail Photographs from 'Algae on Multiple Papers with Electric Green Line'

Algae and Reflection Circles

Large globs of algae distort the shape of the paper as it dries. Gluing or sewing these distorted papers together one on top of another invites exploration into form. The drawings are attached to a base and stand upright. Line travels through the spaces between the papers literally tying the composition together. The line resembles a glowing, electric green vine meandering throughout the piece. When displayed in a dimly lit room the line emits its energy as it approaches or touches the algae globs while piercing the paper and hugging its sides.

The Algae drawings consist of several series of works on paper. The use of algae in these drawings and their potential to crate energy steer these works.
Algae have evolved for billions of years, growing rapidly in water.  They are prolific and relentless and able survive in harsh environments as long as there is an energy source like the sun.  When algae dries on paper multiple visual qualities appear.  It can look like a bold textured glob of dark matter distorting the paper, or can appear to be extremely delicate, resembling strands of hair softly roaming the surface. Each series of drawings consist of algae placed and dried on paper in conjunction with other mediums.

Details from Orange and Yellow Circle Algae Drawings

Algae on Multiple Papers with Electric Green Line