1999-2000 "Surface"

The Making of Surface 

“Surface” the earthwork, created at Socrates Sculpture Park in 1999-2000, was designed to engage people with the experience of viewing the surface of the earth from eye level instead of the usual perspective of walking on top of the earth’s surface. Walking down into the center moat like area, the participant is at eye level with the plush green surface of turf that extends out into the landscape.  While viewing the green surface, the sweet smell of chamomile, planted along its perimeter, fills the surrounding air. Tension is created with the woven burlap wing like structures, which support and hold the weight of the earth, thus allowing the participant to walk into the piece. The tension is juxtaposed with the sweet smell and the new perspective of viewing the plush green surface.


Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY